Candy Mich posted a image

3 weeks ago

Sprire is Playing

Sprite got his own house. Linus' old vision cage. Mr Sprite or rather Mr Bully had been picking on Blu. Didn't notice it when he first started. Poor Blu started plucking under his wing before. Blu is doing much better now he is alone an has the cage to himself. Sprite likes his new house. He gets moved between two different spot and can check out the rest of the place in his house. He likes that he is the only one that gets to move between sports and no one else can. [Now once the covid19 lock down is lifted I'll be able to bring them to my place. Only I'm not to sure if they will Blu will be ok with having only a set of bars in the divided cage between him and Sprite. He gets nervous now if Sprite is placed close to his cage.] We're all at the parents.

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